Yai365.com is a platform for automation and traceability of the overall annotation process. The platform allows several working roles to collaborate using allocated workflows of data files to move through the process while being traced in every step.  In Yai365.com there are four different working roles  where each role has specific access and supervision rights to manage the progress under its scope.  

Annotation process demo

Annotation roles in the Video  

 Here is a list of those roles set in descending vertical order:

1) Account Manager (AM) manages the overall annotation process and has the highest supervision level

2) Project Manager (PM) is responsible for managing the whole annotation project reports to the AM

3) Team Lead (TL) reports to PM and is responsible for executing a portion of the project and managing resources under its supervision to deliver high quality annotation

4) Data Annotator (DA) reports to TL and is responsible for annotating the set of files under its control abiding by annotation guidelines and delivery deadlines. 

Yai365 Modules


Audio segmentation is the first step in audio data annotations.
Yai Segmenter allows to move on with the process in the fastest way and saves hours in the annotation process

Yai Editor

Yai Editor is a responsive and easy to use solution to annotate audio data using transcription tool paired with 
annotations buttons to 
ease the annotations process . 


Working from one tool to another? Need special formats for your annotated audio data? Use our converter for TRS to JSON back and forth while keeping all your annotations safe and memorized .

Quality Gate

Human-annotated data needs many hours of careful proofreading and verification to weed out all the mistakes and make sure the data annotation meets the quality standards such as:

Format Check, spelling check, suggestions.