Training Data

We provide versatile data and software solutions to your AI projects by extracting and packaging information from speech, text, and visual data. We strive to be your global partner in developing, testing, and validating your software to advance AI in Natural Language Understanding and other domains using all languages of the world.


We transform video, audio, images, and text into high quality training data for your AI algorithms

Why work with YaiGlobal:

  • We commit to meeting or exceeding your technical requirements as related to data security, data privacy, data quality, and on-time delivery. We are partnering with Amazon AWS to provide you with  Our professional project managers will setup with you a data collection and annotation plan that accommodates your schedule and budget restrictions
  •  We have access to a diverse and strong global crowd with carefully vetted and highly experienced data annotators
  • Most advanced transcription platform that is easy to use, scalable to unlimited number of data files and project managers, highly configurable, and fully transparent allowing continuous monitoring of project progress

 A set of proprietary tools that make the jobs of transcribers and reviewers easier. It includes:

  1. a) Automatic segmentation of the audio wave (according to an internal survey of more than 20 transcribers, the tool saved them between 30% and 60% of transcription time!)
  2. b) Automatic verification of annotation rules
  3. c) Spell checks in any language

Data Annotation

To train AI application, the collected data set requires annotations to be captured and used for training purposes. At YaiGlobal, we have built tools and workflow processes for the best in class results. Data is annotated upon customized requirements and project execution is followed promptly.

Audio Annotation

All our linguists and software engineers are world class experts in worldwide human and computer languages including European languages, Modern Standard Arabic & Arabic dialects, Chinese Mandarin & Mainland, Hindi & Urdu, and many more

Our goal is to provide you a service tailored to your needs. No matter the budget, we pride ourselves on providing professional service. We are your partner in all your data and software needs to develop your AI-based algorithms. Your satisfaction is guaranteed

Image Annotation

Image annotation is the estabilishement of regions in an image to create text-based descriptions of those specific regions. This how the machine learns to identify visual paths in an image and classifies them.

Text Annotation

Yaiglobal provides text Annotation by using machine learning and AI algorithms. 

Our text Annotating service is available in multiple languages and it is very important for us to  make it recognizable for AI-enabled computer vision.

Yai Global Machine learning training based on NLP is helping machines to understand the human language easily.

Text annotation include identity name labeling, key word extraction, text summary extraction.

Video Annotation

We provide high-quality video annotation services for any use case. We understand the vitality of accurate labeling of each frame to efficiently train your machine learning algorithms. 

Our experts combine solid data labeling expertise with best practices derived from completing tens of projects that delivered quality training data for machine learning at scale.

Data collection

Data collection is the process of gathering Data and collecting knowledge on targeted variables in an established system to obtain a complete and accurate picture of an area of interest. 

Data collection also gives the user the opportunity to decorticate several questionable paths to achieve a complete result.

Data collection could be applied in various fields. Our domain of application varies from gathering Data in the business domain, Health, as well as general studies.

While data collection may vary from a discipline to another, our team emphasis on ensuring accurate qualitative and quantative on a timely methodology.

At YaiGlobal, our dedicated teams assembles, collects, or produces your required data. From Basket ball match comments in English to Court hearings in Danish, Call centers for travelling agents simulations, images of selected targets, videos for autonomous driving, videos for training simulations... You name it,  we nail it!

Projects example:

- Conversational telephony.

- Speech Type:

-Conversational, unscripted speech.

 Exemple of Collection of properties:

  • Pair of speakers will have natural, free speech conversations on a range of generic topics like finance, insurance, hospitality, current affairs, culture, sports, health, technology.
  • Each recording could have one or more than one conversation.
  • Demographics: Broad distribution of age, gender and dialects to encompass variety. Speech should be representative of the target country/dialect region.
  • Environment: Low background noise environment for example The collection could have realistic aspect data with the noise coming from streets, shopping centers. However, all utterances have to be intelligible. 
  • Speakers can participate in multiple calls.
  • possibibility of recording Caller and call receiver will be recorded on separate channels.