Audio Segmentation for Audio Transcription

Audio Segmentation is a very important processing stage for most of audio analysis applications. The goal is to split an uninterrupted audio signal into homogeneous segments. Each segment should consist of a single sound that is acoustically different from other parts of the audio file. An accurate segmentation process can identify appropriate boundaries for partitioning given audio into homogeneous regions.

Speaker Diarization for Audio Transcription

Speaker Diarization is the process of automatically annotate an audio stream with speakers’ labels. Generally, it is a task of determining the number of speakers who are active and their utterance duration in an audio file.

Quality Assurance of Audio Annotation is a platform for automation and traceability of the overall annotation process. The platform allows several working roles to collaborate using allocated workflows of data files to move through the process while being traced in every step.  In there are four different working roles  where each role has specific access and supervision rights to manage the progress under its scope.