YaiGlobal - Your Artificial Intelligence

YaiGlobal - Your Artificial Intelligence

YaiGlobal - Your Artificial Intelligence YaiGlobal - Your Artificial Intelligence YaiGlobal - Your Artificial Intelligence

We provide versatile data and engineering services for Artificial Intelligence projects.




Technical Experience

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Technical Experience

Our linguists and software engineers are world class experts in worldwide human and computer languages including European languages, Modern Standard Arabic & Arabic dialects, Chinese Mandarin & Mainland, Hindi & Urdu, and many more



Satisfaction Guaranteed

Technical Experience

We are partnering with German business ventures specialized in Software Development to advance AI and its applications in Natural Language Processing in North America, Europe,  Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region, and Asia


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our goal is to provide you a service tailored to your needs. No matter the budget, we pride ourselves on providing professional service. We are your partner in all your data and software needs to develop your AI-based algorithms. Your satisfaction guaranteed.

Company Information


Company Vision

We Provide versatile data and software services to your AI projects by extracting and packaging information from speech, text, and visual data.  We strive to be your global partner in developing, testing, and validating your software to advance AI in Natural Language Understanding and other domains using all languages of the world. 


YaiGlobal aims at: 

- Advancing methods and techniques to generate and annotate data for your Artificial Intelligence projects

- Providing data and language engineering services using a rigorous process of allocating and managing qualified engineering resources from our global workforce 

- Collaborating with academia and global partners to advance AI in all aspects of life



-Topic-oriented speech generation

- Agent-customer simulation for chat bot training

- AI-centered software and language engineering services

- Transcription and translation of all languages of the world

- Data generation and labeling of all kinds (sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, text summary generation , and keyword/key phrase extraction, image annotation...etc.)

About Us


Dr. Mokhtar Sadok, CEO

Mr. Mourad Othman, Director

Mr. Mourad Othman, Director

 Dr. Sadok has 20+ years of industrial experience developing new products and services in various areas of technology including aerospace, robotics, and Natural Language Processing. With 15 patents and dozens of scientific papers. Mokhtar brings an R&D spirit to Yai to invent new  ways of processing data and delighting customers  


Mr. Mourad Othman, Director

Mr. Mourad Othman, Director

Mr. Mourad Othman, Director

Mr.  Othman has a high engineering degree from the University of Munich in Germany and enjoys a long career in operating and managing successful businesses in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).  He brings his long experience in leadership and operational excellence to extend the Yai business in the EMEA region

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