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Project and Task Management


Create workgroups, assign project roles, set tasks with deadlines, follow task updates via notifications, monitor work progress in real time, and get reports from your teammates. Choose from a variety of project management methodologies (Kanban, Gantt chart, etc.) or simply organize tasks the way you want them. For large teams, Bitrix24 have a time clock and shift schedule, which allow effective time management bringing order and stability into processes that tend to get chaotic. 
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CRM is the jewel in the Bitrix24 crown. Besides the obvious (lead management), the CRM is jam-packed with customer support and marketing automation features. Use sales funnel and pipeline management to streamline your sales process. Generate repeat sales and run marketing campaigns via Facebook, Google Ads, email, messengers, and other platforms. you can also track and analyze all the actionable metrics from your marketing campaigns and sales activities.
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With Bitrix24, you can communicate with your colleagues and discuss projects via chats, comments, video calls and conferences. You can post your thoughts in the comments under that task. Got an idea you’d like to discuss with your team? Create a videoconference. Every member of your team has a personalized Activity Stream where they can follow project updates, company news, and announcements. While working on a project, you can create, edit, and share files securely.
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We provide dedicated technical assets to train and support your teams.