AI-based Platform, Press Release (PR) Management

The main objective of this project was to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques for algorithm development and Scrum framework & Agile principles for software development to build an accurate and user-friendly platform to manage PR articles for customers of PR company based out of New York. An objective of our customer was to build a platform to review and edit Press Releases (PRs) for its customers and distribute it to well-known CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) and known journalists and media institutions for publishing. 
YaiGlobal has selected a team of experts to execute the 3-part project:

  • Part1. Data collection and preprocessing to identify appropriate journalists and influencers that match customer needs and interests. Organizing and visualizing preprocessed data to optimize the matching process is included in this part.
  • Part2. Development of AI-based algorithms to flag inappropriate content in PR articles. This part also includes a step of data collection to train, validate, and test candidate algorithms. Identification of the optimal AI architecture and type is another effort covered in this part.
  • Part3. Using SCRUM methodology and Agile process in software development to build and test a platform that will be used by our customer to manage PR articles. Specifically, YaiGlobal Yai365TM data annotation platform will be extended to include optimizing workflow engine, defining & implementing an editor of PR articles, and constructing quality assurance module. These modules and other customer requirements will be integrated in a coherent platform capable of hosting and serving the customers.

Chat/VoiceBot Development, Intelligent Conversations

It is known that majority of interactions that happen in insurance agencies between insurance agents and customers are predictable and can be automated using chat/voice bots. Chat/voice bots have proven to significantly reduce customer care costs and create new digital experiences for sales and stronger customer relationships. Some of the repetitive tasks that a chat/voice bot can handle even better than a human includes premium/savings calculation, gentle payment reminder, customer feedback collection, records update or creation, and multilingual experience. 
For this matter, we developed and tested a chat/voice bot for our customer that can be used to replace an insurance agent in interacting with the customer and executing daily routines. We offered our customer a scalable Chat/Voice Bot that could be easily configured and used even by other insurance companies in the US. Our expertise helped us to satisfy our customer requirements and deliver the project on budget and time.

Neural Machine Translation, Automatic Speech Recognition

YaiGlobal cooperated with AppTek- a leader in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Automatic Speech Recognition and Machine Translation. Working jointly with AppTek, YaiGlobal is deploying its Yai365TM platform to develop innovative solutions in neural machine translation and automatic speech recognition. The Yai365TM platform include a set of innovative tools such as QualityGatesTM that streamlines the process of building successful AI applications. Security and high availability of our platform was done thanks to AWS infrastructure, and provided a peace of mind to our customers.
We are delighted to partner with AppTek to be in support of their innovative AI-based applications.  Working closely with the AppTek team, we were able to rapidly develop secure and accurate solutions built on AWS.

Digital Transformation Strategy, AI & ML Applications

Digitalization is currently breaking up structures that have remained unchanged for decades and is leading – at least temporarily – to chaotic developments. Currently, a variety of terms such as e.B. Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc. are discussed in science and practice, often without knowing the exact definition and demarcation from each other. As digitization experts, we know all these developments and technologies in detail. We helped a worldwide leading manufacturing company shed light on this chaos, analyze the respective opportunities and risks per technology in depth and derive implications for business models. We helped them to get a detailed Roadmap for the next AI/ML projects to implement in order to improve their productivity and their revenues and reduce their costs. We are also partnering with them to put this Roadmap into action by developping these intelligent applications.